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Anger Management Training

Anger is a natural emotion and it is normal to experience it at times in one's life. The feeling can be justified and can be experienced as mild irritation and annoyance through to anger leading to destructive and violent behaviour. Such intense episodes of anger can be fleeting or they can be prolonged and interfere with one's life and relationships.

We will work with a client to identify the most effective combination of counselling approaches to meet each client's unique circumstances and work with a client to provide an integrated programme of counselling to support them and provide a path to change.

How Common is the Problem?

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The Mental Health Foundation reported that 28% of adults had concerns about the level of anger they experienced. It is common that about a third of those around the angry person, their friends and relatives, have had their lives impacted on by the actions of the angry person. It is normal for those close to the angry person to talk to their friend or relative about undertaking some Anger Management. "We need to be able to recognise when anger is damaging our lives, ask for help and receive it.

About the Course

The course is primarily designed for those who are experiencing anger that is disrupting their lives. The approach taught is founded on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is a well established therapeutic approach which has its origins in the mid 1950's with the work of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck.
While anger may appear to be a spontaneous reaction to an event or situation e.g. someone saying something provocative, it is rather at the end of a chain of events that can be identified, disrupted and managed to the advantage of the otherwise angry person.
At the core of the approach is the view that our response to things in life is not due to the event leading to anger but rather what we as individuals think of the event, how we construct meaning, how we interpret the event. As you read this you may recall times in your life when two people experiencing the same event will react to it in different ways. They have thought about it differently and this triggers different emotions and reactions.
The key thing is that between the event and the feeling of anger comes a intervening thought, a belief. Our approach to Anger Management is based on using this concept to systematically train people to analyse and think differently about their anger triggers and hence experience different emotions and consequently different and positive outcomes for them.

What the Course Does for You

The course teaches you:
  • how to examines your triggers to anger, those events that cause what now appears to be uncontrollable anger
  • techniques to deal with the triggers as anger builds
  • ways of reducing anger once it is experienced so it becomes more controlled and less destructive
  • the skills to produce more productive outcomes such as assertiveness methods to relax and lower the level of stress so lowering the likelihood of anger and the duration and harmful physical consequences of anger

  • Getting Started on the Path to Managing Anger

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